Cindy Rosenberry of the Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center 1977 - 1983

1983 USAIGC Woman's Artistic Gymastics Championship Quarter Finals on USA Networks
(United States Association of Independent Gymastics Clubs)

August 2009  Cindy found these videos from someone's VCR tapes posted on YouTube. This is the first time she has actually watched herself perform as back in the day her parents did not have a camcorder or VCR.
Floor Exercise

Tied for 1st with a 9.65

Music is from the movie Poltergeist (1982)

Alan Trautwig: Cindy Rosenberry now of the Parkettes.

John Traetta: Cindy has an extremely difficult routine on floor exercise. Normally on one of her passes, Alan, she will perform a triple twisting back summersault.

Alan: 1982 USA Championships, the floor exercise, Cindy finished 4th. This is an event she feels comfortable with.

John: Double back handspring, double back summersault, pike position and a great landing and a great start to her routine.

John: A triple twisting back summersault coming up if she puts it in, 3 times around, that's correct. Just landed a little bit to the side, maybe a 1/10 deduction. This is going to be an exceptional routine right now.

John: Change of pace, a chance for her to also catch her breath.

John: As I mentioned, Cindy grew a lot in the last year, and she kept her weight down, and physically she looks real good.

John: A double back handspring, double twisting back summersault.

Alan: Plus when you start growing like that you have to reaffirm your dedication to the sport, because that's when it has to become that much tougher.

Alan: And Cindy Rosenberry of the Parkettes.

Alan: That's funny you mention that change of pace to catch her breath, that's something that you never even notice or even pick up in a routine but probably very important to the performer.

John (replay): Double back handspring, her mount, a double back summersault, keeping her knees straight, pike position, great landing, demonstrating control.

John: Well it's not really cheating Alan, but it's important to do.

Alan: 9.65 for Cindy Rosenberry and the Parkettes, 2 very good scores for this Parkettes team to start things off.

Balance Beam

2nd with a 9.60

Alan: ...after 2 events is the Parkettes of Allentown, PA. Here's Cindy Rosenberry of that leading team, with a score to beat 9.75, Michelle Goodwin of the Berks registering that score.

John: Cindy is one of the top junior gymasts in the United States in the 14 and under category, at the Championships of the United States did real well and one the events she excels on is the balance beam. She is also exceptional on floor exercise.

John: Good body alignment. Back handspring.

Alan: Cindy is also 14 years old. She participates in that very common teenage hobby of collecting pigs.

John: An acrobatic movement coming up. Back handspring, back handspring, back layout. Great control. No hesitation between the back handsprings, and it's a double twisting back summersault. This is going to be a score well in the upper 9's.

Alan: Well in the 1982 USA Championships, Cindy Rosenberry finished 2nd in the beam competition. Here she is looking to help out her Parkettes team with a good score and it looks like she's done it.

John (replay): Here's a dismount coming up. Round off, back handspring, both feet punching the end of that beam, up in the air, 2 times around, double twisting back layout.

Alan: Plus she got tremendous height off that beam on the dismount, didn't she?

John: Hard punch it, both feet, do it every time.

Alan: Nicely done by Miss Rosenberry. As we await her score, which is a 9.60, a great score but not good enough, not to topple Michelle Goodwin's number of 9.75.


Tough landings...8.8

Alan: And we will continue now with the Parkettes, this is Cindy Rosenberry. Still that score to beat a 9.50.

John: Cindy performs a Tsukahara with a full twist, a difficult vault, and a little bit lost upside down, Alan, and believe that she really landed short on that vault and hurt her ankle a little bit.

John (replay): You see looking back, must have a lot of power generated to rotate after the full twist and you can see her ankle really got jammed there.

Alan: I think it's easy to see how if you don't come fully over, you're going to hit your toes or your feet and you're really going to hurt your ankles. So an 8.80 on that vault for Cindy Rosenberry and a little injury in the process.

John: This is a tough sport. You just have to learn how to take these small little injuries and bangs and still perform.

(2nd vault)

John: And look at this, this kid still takes off like a rocket. Good effort, got around but put her hands on the floor, and again jammed her ankles again.

Alan: Well a gutsy performance by Cindy Rosenberry, it's got to be a difficult thing to come flying through the air knowing that your ankles are weakened.

John (replay): Half turn on, Tsukahara, full twist off. And you can see not a very good landing. Should be ok, just really stinging right now.

Alan: So, Cindy Rosenberry, an 8.80 and an 8.75, she'll keep the 8.80 as we move on with the Parkettes...

JERRY SEINFELD: (pointing at TV) Hey, that's her!

KRAMER: Oh yeah. Oh yeah, that's her. (feminine grunts and sighs can be heard as they watch the tape) Look at the height, Jerry, the extension! Now watch the tuck. Handstand, half-turn, giant into a straddle, back into another handstand. Nice kip. Reverse hecht. Oh, nice leg extension, good form! Now, here comes the big dismount. Look at the rotation, full in, double back, and she sticks the landing! (gets up to leave as George and Jerry continue to watch, mouths agape) Perhaps you'd like to keep the tape? (silence) Well, I'll take that as a yes.